Make 2020 your best and fittest (tennis) year!

You regularly go to the gym  and go you go for a run every now and then, but you notice that this doesn’t improve your tennis athletics at all? You have the feeling that you are not making any progress in your game? You feel restricted in some strokes because you lack mobility?

The solution is relatively simple: You do not train efficently. If you want to improve your tennis game, you have to train in a high quality way. The time you invest in this should be used wisely.

In tennis we move in three dimensions. We have to have balance, power and strength in the lunge. Our movement on the tennis court is also 70% lateral. The quality of the stroke depends on the correct sequence of steps towards the ball. This is what athletic training must work with.

In my tennis specific athletic sessions your individual tennis game is combined with your individual athletic training. We will discuss your game, go through a few tests/screenings in the area of explosiveness, movement and mobility by comparing the tennis-specific requirements with your current state and then create an individual training program for you.

We train in a private gym in the:

Spenerstraße 1, 10557 Berlin (near the main station)


We train in the  Spenerstr 1 , 10557 Berlin, at a private Gym

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