My greatest interest as a coach has always been the holistic approach: how can I improve the player at his/her personal level of performance? What are his/her strengths, and where is there still room for improvement? How do we get from A to B together? What are the real insufficiencies in their game?

We will start by analyzing and testing the current status quo on physical performance and technical skills, but also on mental abilities (e.g. training vs. matches) – this is necessary to identify the sources of error. Sometimes the problem lies deeper than expected, for example in negative beliefs (“I have never been able to hit a backhand”). Through the holistic approach, I am able to improve the athletes in a long-lasting way. For instance: our serve motion can be limited due to thoracic spine mobility, and thus you have problems getting into the “trophy” position (BODY). However, the problems with the serve can also be caused by a wrong grip, a wrong movement of the arm (pronation) or poor timing (SKILL). Lastly, there is also the potential to “fall down” during the serve, which is usually more of a mental problem (MIND).

In order to get the maximum tennis performance out of you, you have to improve your physical skills and your strokes, but also your mental abilities. The most important part of this is the biggest challenge, too: we all have limited time and energy that we can and want to invest in improving our tennis game. The good news is that you don’t have to invest in gaining the knowledge yourself. That’s where I come into play. I have the experience and the knowledge to help you.


What you can learn

Are there some days you hit the ball well and, on others, you do not? Well, you might be aware that it takes more than just the proper technique to play better tennis.  In addition to your technique, factors such as tennis athletic abilities (strength, speed, mobility agility) and mental mindset can also play an important role.

A coach who promises to help you improve your tennis within one hour can not be good. Tennis improvement is a long process, and the only person who is responsible for improving is you. I can guide you to your best tennis version. Tennis is one of the most complex sports of all, and only those who understand the connection of body and mind can improve their game in a long-lasting way.

We humans are complex, and tennis is also complex. Let’s go on a journey together to help you become a

“Holistic Tennis Athlete.”

I look forward to seeing you!