Tennis training and development

My Philosophy

As a coach, my greatest interest has always been in the holistic approach to pick up the player individually at his personal level of performance. I am interested in recognizing his strengths and identifying the potential for improvement. Together we want to figure out how to achieve these goals and what the real problem is.

To begin this process, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current state, including both technical skills and mental skills (for example, training versus competition). This is necessary to identify and fix the root causes of mistakes. Sometimes the problems lie deeper than they appear at first glance, for example in false beliefs such as “I have never been able to backhand”. Through my holistic approach, I succeed in improving my students in a long-term way.

In addition, I also draw on biomechanical principles and my own experience as a coach, which can also contribute to further development.

To achieve your maximum tennis performance, you need to improve your physical skills and get both your strokes and mental focus on track. The biggest challenge is to achieve all of this with minimal effort. We realize that we have limited time and energy to improve our tennis game.

The good news is that you don’t have to dig into the knowledge yourself, because I possess the knowledge and am here to help you.

People are inherently complex, and so is the game of tennis. Let’s go on an exciting journey together and develop yourself into a holistic tennis player!

I am looking forward to meeting you!