Sports Psychology Coaching:
Reflection + Guidance

I mainly offer one-on-one coaching where I want to help you structure and become aware of your thoughts and emotions.

As a trained sports psychology expert, it is my vision to support athletes in their mental development.

Sportpsychological coaching is not a fire extinguisher, but process work. The earlier we deal with mental topics, the better we can act preventively and focus on the essentials: The joy of the sporting task that we want to solve with ease.

Thematic areas of sports psychological consulting:

  • Motivation and goal setting training
  • Focus and concentration
  • Stress and conflict management
  • Relaxation and regeneration
  • Dealing with defeats and victories
  • Dealing with pressure situations
  • Supportive communication with parents, coaches etc.
  • Technical e-development with a sports psychological approach


Modern training or learning complex movements (like in tennis or golf) requires a good sport psychological approach. Questions like: What do I focus on when performing a movement or how does my movement change under pressure? In a joint dialogue we develop answers and in “There is magic in every beginning”. Therefore, I look forward to getting to know you in a short free and non-binding conversation.


There is no pattern here, a rough procedure is that we have a free and non-binding initial meeting and then define the further hours.

I am guided by the scale of charges for sport psychological services
for support projects of the BISp and DOSB
Hourly rate: 75,- € Daily rate: 450,- €

Of course, this makes sense especially if the physical location is too far away for a personal conversation.